Thursday, 19 January 2012

"Directional attacks" - You don't want it

Last days friend of a friend asked me about how his company could be "hacked like in the movies".
After few minutes of laugh and some wierd ideas, we get all "plans of possible work" with this project.

After few moments I saw that company's page is extremly secure so there won't be any possibility of sql injection attack... So I decide to "get-in" in a different way...
...and that's where the story about "How 'Directional Attacks' can threaten Your company" starts... :D

More I can say about this project is: I'm very glad to work with You, see You soon! ;)
*"No info given" about companys name, c'mon ;)"

To all e-mail's I'll answer to 22-23.01, sorry :)

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