Friday, 2 March 2012

[EN] Wordpress 3.3.1 no-0day exploits - Updated - 12.03!

Quick note from Friday ;)

As I mentioned here in March I decided to post some "more technical" details, but...
only for the first 6 of You who send me message about why I should send 'details' to him ;>

Still no free-days :< :*

From now to Monday 23:59 Central UE time...
Enjoy Your weekend! ;)


* Update 5.03 - 21:20 *

I promised myself, that I don't check my e-mail, until there won't be "hour 0".
But something tempted me...

It's amazing, that there is so many answers/requests! ;D I understand that all of You installed WP? ;]

Like I sad "first come first served", so You should check Your mail's now. ;)

Also... :) There is a little "modification - surprise":
Because there was so many requests of code and/or info, I will send it to all people,
who asked me about it. For now. ;)

Have fun, any legally! ;)


*Update 12.03.2012*
If You want more information about WordPress vulnerabilities, check  this tag!;)


What do You think...?