Wednesday, 13 March 2013

[EN] Modules in your own web scanner - #1

 Soon... ;]

As soon as possible you will find here also:
- xss over GET 'test module'
- xss over POST 'test module'
- directory traversal/LFI 'test module' - (@10/02)
- sql injection 'test module' - (@19/03)*
- dir-finder 'module' - (@10/02)
- (... still in progress ;])
- and some information gathering 'module'

'to do' is of course GUI version, but who knows, maybe for now I will stay with console-based version.

Anyway... *After few minutes of using 'sqli-test' module I found an '0day vulnerability' in some 'random-checked' Joomla module (sqli injection vuln), so it's also usefull for searching this kind of bugs.*

 *20.03.2013 - update*
As you can see, few modules are here today. Let me know about any feedback/ideas/questions.



  1. I need this asap! Go, go, go!

  2. If you need this, let me know via email.
    Currently I'm very busy because I'm looking for a new job,
    anyway, if you want I can share with you few modules of this code. :)

    Cheers and thanks for watching! ;)



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