Tuesday, 23 December 2014

[EN] Vulnerabilities in popular plugins - Joomla case


during last few months I was involved in multiple pentests (webapps, infrastructures) in multiple countries. That's why I didn't post here anything new (almost since last May ;) ).

For all of you who want to talk with me (faster than via email), you can reach me also at twitter.

For all of you, who are watching my blog - I have something new for you. A little mini-art-series where I describing multiple (mostly SQL Injection) vulnerabilitiesin multiple popular plugins (this time for Joomla).

If you want more (for example also for other popular content management systems) feel free to write to me.

Comments, ideas are welcome as always.

Article is now available here.
And also at PacketStormSecurity too.

Enjoy ;)

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