Sunday, 18 January 2015

[EN] kmt.apk - what's this?

Few days ago I found application for android named 'kmt.apk'.

I was wondering, what this app is doing... To check it, I used apktool.

Listing of files showed me AndroidManifest.xml, so I was hoping to find out
what this app needs to run. This is what I found:

After checking that this app needs my location (or location of my phone),
I was curious, where (all?) those data are going. This is what I found:

jd-gui in action

jd-gui in action - sending params...

jd-gui in action - sending params...

Another one:
onCreate function

And that's how I found this link :)

So it seems that this application is checking information about your localization on your
phone, and sending them to this "erotte" web. For now we're done here. ;)

If you will have some nice APK files to analyse, let me know via email. Thanks.


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