Tuesday 24 February 2015

[EN] Malware analysis – Fake AV Downloader (part 1)

1.    Thanks for the sample file(s)

After writing my last article about malware analysis for Android[1], I decide to check some threats that may come from webpages. Today we can see more advertisement on web than it was few years ago. In case of malicious pages, “advertisements” added there now, more often probably will try to steal your data by installing some malware on your computer or by redirecting you to webpage containing exploit code for your browser(‘s plugin).

Few nice examples of ‘webpages’ like this, I found (again) on great Mila’s blog[0]. Thank’s again! ;)

(Hint: Don’t ask me for the password. Ask Mila via email.)

[EN] Fun with American Fu(n)zzy Lop

Last days I was doing a little research about 'how this crazy afl works'.  ;)
"American Fuzzy Lop" it's an excellent tool created by lcamtuf.

Now it's a good moment to check the documentation of 'afl' if you want
some nice details about using it.