Wednesday 25 May 2016



after 5 years I decide to close this blog. The same I will do with my LinkedIn
and Twitter account so I will not be available any more.

I would like to thank you all for watching and supporting me during those years. :)

"Have fun & good luck."



Sunday 15 May 2016

[EN] MS Excel 2010 DoS (poc)

Below you will find DoS poc for MS Excel 2010.

Found during some fuzzing exercises... ;)

Also you will find a small description, directly from Windbg:

Friday 13 May 2016

FristiLeaks: 1.3 CTF Writeup

During last day I had a pleasure to play FristiLEaks CTF prepared by Ar0xA. Thanks! ;)
It was a good idea to choose this one as well as a lot of fun when I was wondering how to get root.

Below you will find a solution how to get the flag (and to "love Fristi"! ;))
(For those who want to read other writeups for Fristi, you can find them here.)

Here we go...

Monday 9 May 2016

CrackMe by Rapture - solved


this time we will analyze and patch another small and simple .NET crackme.
This time we will check "FishMe #1 by Rapture". You can find it at

Like before we need HxD and .NET Reflector (but you can use your favourite tools to do it as well).

Let's get to work!

CrackMe by Rayko - solved

During last few days I was checking crackmes from this page (BTW great place to check if you're learning reversing and cracking).

Below you will find one simple solution for crackme found in ".Net" category: CrackMe By Rayko.