Saturday 24 October 2015

[EN] SOAP testing

During one of last projects I needed to test some webservices.

I was wondering: if I can do it with Burp or by manual testing,
maybe I can also write some quick code in python...

And that's how I wrote

Friday 2 October 2015


During couple of last days I was checking lcamtuf’s American Fuzzy Lop against some (“non-instrumented”) binaries. 

I was wondering, what will happen if I will run it against Java… ;)

I was looking for some sources, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any. Next thing was checking where I have Java installed (so I will know what/where I can check. Kind of ‘test lab’ was: Ubuntu 12, Kali Linux, WinXP, Win7. (Exact version of Java installed on that OS’s you will find below.)