Monday 9 May 2016

CrackMe by Rapture - solved


this time we will analyze and patch another small and simple .NET crackme.
This time we will check "FishMe #1 by Rapture". You can find it at

Like before we need HxD and .NET Reflector (but you can use your favourite tools to do it as well).

Let's get to work!

When we'll open crackme in .NET Reflector, we can easily see the serial number:

 Too simple. :\

As you can see, this crackme is very similar to one described before. So let's try to patch the app like before, to get our (any ;)) serial. As you already know, to do that we need to change some hex values inside the original (-copy.exe) crackme:

After saving results (to our crackme-copy.exe), we can see the results:

Game over. Congrats;)

We can try something harder now... ;)

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